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What Our Customers Have To Say

We know reputation matters. We also know it's what you do that determines your reputation. We work hard to give honest, accurate and deliverable commitments and promises.

Read a few words of unsolicited feedback:

"I would recommend you in a heartbeat - you and your staff have been exceptional to work with"
- Kim, Chico Property Owner
"I so appreciate what you guys are doing."
- Mike, Chico Property Owner
"You guys are great. It's nice not having to worry about the property and just getting to check my account each month."
- Dayton, Chico Rental Property Owner

"We have used IPM for at least 3 years now. They are one of those 'rare' companies that you can sign up with and no longer worry about anything because they are taking care of it all for you!

From advertising for a new tenant, preparing the rental unit by cleaning and addressing any maintenance needs, working with the new tenant on getting lease signed, communicating with tenant on any maintenance issues that crop up and getting them fixed, and sending the monthly rental payment direct deposited into our checking account monthly, they take care of everything!

Their fee is reasonable for the services they provide. They have also been successful in keeping our rental home occupied consistently with no lapses in revenue. Overall, it's been a true pleasure to work with this company!"
- Kelly, Chico Rental Property Owner

"I really appreciate you seeing me and taking on my house with such short notice. Thank you for taking care of my house, and getting it cleaned up and rented out so quickly! That is huge - thank you and your team so much!"
- Dave, Chico Property Owner
"We are very happy with our current situation. We have had numerous conversations that this time around (renting) it is so much easier! We feel that our property is now an asset as rental property and not a burden. Thank you IPM!"
- Nancy, Chico Property Owner

"Thank you kindly for all your hard work. I know that I was not the ideal client but your diligence and work ethic are highly valued."
- Matt, Chico Property Owner

"Thank you IPM!! You have made my dream come true. Thank you so much for being a part of it - Thank you for being such a great team to work with."
- Eve, Chico Tenant

"Overall I think IPM is a good company. Service calls were always met and emails were always replied to and I appreciated that. Also you guys have a friendly staff."
- Angel, Chico Tenant

"Thank you again! You're the best property management we've been with. We had one in our early marriage years that really didn't care about anything or our needs. Thank you for being prompt and attentive!!"
- Gary, Chico Tenant

"If you are renting in Chico - rent from IPM! I was a tenant at an IPM property for around 7 months, and I would have never left if we weren't moving to southern California. They make everything easy from moving in, paying rent, to moving out. Most everything is done in a online portal with a very easy to use interface. Should you need to call however, someone will generally get back to you very quickly."
- Tasha, Chico Tenant

"As a previous tenant of IPM, I must say that the process from start to finish was fantastic. The office staff were very quick to respond to any inquiry I had, maintenance was quite fast, and the move in / move out system was simple. IPM is very fair with their policies towards both tenants and their home owners so that everyone is happy! I would gladly rent again from them when the time arises to find a place to rent again!"
- Alden, Chico Tenant

"I want to thank you, and IPM for how diligent and proactive you are in responding to maintenance issues and answering any questions I have had. I would say that you and IPM have made a huge difference in how this house has been managed. I am impressed with my experience at this property and how IPM has turned things around in such a short amount of time. If I had to continue to rent a property, or rent out my home, I would definitely use IPM."
- Travis, Chico Tenant

"Thank you for all your help and quick response! I've honestly never had such a great experience in Chico w/ a property management co. You guys all do a great job!"
- Ian, Chico Tenant

"IPM has an amazing list of listings that are more current and up to date around Chico. If you're looking for a home and need a place, these guys know how to get back to you as soon as possible... They made us feel like communication is important, which it is, and they provided so much help finding places that fits. Thanks guys, I will definitely come back to you if we move again!"
- Derek, Chico Tenant

"You are the best! Thank you for taking such good care of me. I have rented all over the country and was nervous coming to Chico to teach at CSU. You all have helped me to feel at home and have gone above and beyond"
- Mallory, Chico Tenant

"Thank you so much for your kindness, efficiency and expertise. I am grateful to have such a team who is competent looking after my new place!"
- Chico Tenant

"Your team could NOT be any better! Thank you so much! are the BEST property managers!"
- Elise, Chico Tenant

"You are truly a great team. I really appreciate everyone and their professionalism. I love living at your properties."
- Devon, Chico Tenant

"I just wanted to say thank you for getting our maintenance taken care of so quickly. You guys have been really helpful. The vendors you use are top notch and did an amazing job. The place looks great! Thank you!"
- Matt, Chico Tenant

"Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate the service your company provides."
- John, Chico Tenant

"If you can stay consistent with how fast and well you treat me and other tenants, you will be the best in Chico!"
- Tricia, Chico Tenant

"We have been overjoyed and so pleased with the IPM staff, very friendly, efficient and effective in what they do!"
- Gary, Chico Tenant

"I think as a property management company you guys have been super responsive and very professional."
- Greg, Chico Tenant

"Thank you for being so great to us! You are always so nice to work with, and quick to respond to our needs."
- Cathy, Chico Tenant

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our concerns. I am really impressed with IPM!"
- Monica, Chico Tenant

"What I really appreciate about everyone at IPM is how responsive and professional they have been - so thank you all!!!"
- Katrina, Chico Tenant

"Thanks for all of your help. You have always been a pleasure to work with."
- Wayne, Chico Tenant

"First of all I want to thank you guys for being super helpful this last year! You guys have been super nice and patient with all of us. Again I really appreciate all you guys do and we are looking forward to another awesome year!"
- Jeremy, Chico Tenant

"Thank you for getting someone to come fix it so quickly. We really appreciate your punctuality and all the help you've given us this year."
- Kelsi, Chico Tenant

"My office has this new property management company that is amazing. I mention the toilet runs after it's flushed and the next day it's fixed. Thank you IPM! Their responsiveness is fantastic."
- Stephen, Chico Tenant

"Thanks! You guys were so quick, I appreciate it! Thanks a million."
- Mimi, Chico Tenant

"You guys at IPM are pretty impressive. We've been so impressed with how responsive and professional everyone has been. Thanks for taking care of us!"."
- Kate, Chico Tenant

"My wife Linda and I have been leasing from IPM for almost two years and we have had nothing but a positive experience - they have the most stellar people in every position working for their business. From day one, the moving and rental process has been smooth and stress free. Their website allows us to send maintenance requests, track the requests, and pay our rent online with ease. They are quick to address maintenance requests and keep our beautiful house in the best shape. We are proud to lease from IPM and call Chico home."
- Daniel, Chico Tenant