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Butte County Property Management Company

Let Us Manage Your Butte County Rental Property

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Are you searching for a property manager in Butte County that you can depend on? Look no further! 

IPM Property Management offers unique services to property owners and communities in the Chico, CA metro area. Through the years, we have built a reputation of being trustworthy and easy to work with by putting our clients’ needs first. As a company, we believe in fostering good relationships and providing personalized services to help you grow your business.

Our approach to property management is based on four key principles. We put people first, plan our operations, take ownership of our work, and use modern, innovative strategies. By incorporating these principles in our service delivery, we have successfully distinguished ourselves as an industry leader in Chico property management.

Here at IPM, we focus on the people, not the process. We handle all the properties that our clients entrust us with as though they were our own. This level of dedication is based on treating you how we’d like to be treated. As your property manager, our goal will be to ensure everything runs smoothly so you can sit back and enjoy your passive income.


If you’d like to learn more about our services, reach out to us. We can help your Butte County rental property achieve its full potential.

Our Property Management Services 

Here at IPM, we offer exceptional services that are geared towards enhancing the value of your investment. From advertising to property maintenance, our services are assured to help you get the best possible returns. Some of them include:

Rent Collection

Each month, we ensure that all of your tenants pay the agreed rental amount in full. We understand how frustrating it can be to constantly follow up with tenants regarding late rental payments. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to taking this burden off of you.

To do this, we have implemented several innovative strategies that make rent collection easier. Among them is our EFT payment system, which has turned in-person rent collection into a thing of the past. Thus, tenants can easily send their rent when it’s due, giving you a reliable source of passive income. 

Property Marketing

One of the important aspects of making your rental property competitive is using an effective marketing strategy. Property marketing can help to attract prospective tenants and minimize any possible vacancies. A vacant unit not only reduces your rental income, but it also has a negative impact on the value of your investment.

online marketing

For this reason, our team has specialized in using creative marketing techniques that capture the prospect’s attention. Our marketing campaigns will shine a positive light on your property and make it stand out from the competition. In doing so, we’ll be able to generate more interest for your property which results in a high occupation rate.

Tenant Screening

Screening is a useful process when you need to gain some insight into the applicants. It helps a landlord learn more about the applicant’s personality and whether they would be a good fit for the property. Having a thorough screening process can also help you avoid complications with your tenants and ultimately protect the value of your investment.

Our screening process involves income verification and several background checks on the applicant such as their employment and credit history as well as their criminal history. We also reach out to past landlords to learn about the person’s character. Here at IPM, we strive to help you find the most suitable tenants for your property.

Lease Preparation

A well-written lease agreement is a powerful tool in securing your property investment. Vague leases tend to cause confusion, leading to disagreements between the landlord and the tenant. A concise lease can help to prevent such misunderstandings since the roles of both parties are clearly defined.

lease agreement

Here at IPM, we spend a significant amount of time drafting airtight leases that clearly state the responsibilities of each party. We understand how important it is to openly communicate our expectations, especially with new tenants. In addition, our property management team will take time to address any queries or concerns raised by the new tenants.

Property Maintenance and Repair

To safeguard the value of your investment, our property management team takes a preventive approach to maintenance that involves regular property inspections. These inspections help our team to identify and address any areas of concern before they turn into a major issue. Thus, we are able to minimize your repair costs and keep your property in tip-top shape.

We have also partnered with skilled technicians who are ready to handle the tenants’ emergency repair requests. These experts are highly qualified and they take pride in the quality of their services. They will take all the necessary measures to ensure the repairs are done properly and within a reasonable time frame.

In addition, we have streamlined our services through our online portal to make maintenance requests and other processes easier. By working with us, you can be assured that your property will be maintained in the best possible condition. 

About Butte County

Butte County was founded in 1850, and named after Sutter Buttes in neighboring Sutter County. Butte translates to “small knoll” or “small hill” in French.



Butte County is accurately described as the “Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty.” It has access to several natural resources such as the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade ranges, as well as the Feather River and Sacramento River which drain the county. Other resources include Butte Creek and Big Chico Creek, which are additional perennial streams and tributaries to Sacramento.

The county also has a strong education system, being home to California State University, Chico, and Butte College. It also has a county library that serves the residents through its six branches in Biggs, Chico, Durham, Gridley, Oroville, and Paradise. The library operates as a department of the county, governed by the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

Butte County is a great destination for outdoor lovers with plenty of natural attractions to explore. The natural beauty and friendly people will always leave a lasting impression on its visitors.

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve the area of Chico, California. Let us take the stress out of rental properties. We can provide every service necessary to ensure you maximize the return on your investment property. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you!