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Am I a Good Fit?

Not sure if you are right for our services? Here are some common characteristics of our owners:

  • Live out of town and rely on us to do our job
  • Desire to be completely hands off and let us handle the management of their assets
  • Have a minimum net worth of $500K or sufficient income to do major repairs as they come up
  • Owns this property with investment income and creation of value as an objective
  • Doesn't have a negative cashflow
  • Wants to own a good quality property, improving the quality of it on each change of tenants
  • Prefers email communication and respects the time of others
  • Has a connected computer and can login/check their own statements
  • Honors that this is our profession and we take pride in how we do it
  • Is willing to take our advice and input seriously
  • Trusts us to do all tenant contact. Owners are not permitted to contact tenants.
  • Wants to own a property that is good working order at all times
  • Sees the value and are willing to pay for professional yard service
  • Trusts us to do all leasing and document prep
  • Trusts us to determine proper utilities charges including water bill backs to help offset owner utilities
  • Is open to good and well documented pets
  • Trusts IPM holds tenant deposits at all times
  • Trusts us to do unit turnovers, within 15 days, or 30 days for rehabs.
  • Understands basic accounting, budgeting and the overall cost of owning a rental
  • Understands fixed owner disbursements, leaving the remainder each month according to the annual property budget
  • Lets us deal with all renewals and leases. Let us know if you plan to sell at least 6 months ahead of time!
  • Trusts us to pay all invoices, schedule vendors when needed and handle all interactions with vendors
  • Makes decision promptly, we need someone who is willing to make a decision and not have to think about it or go back and forth on something
  • Responds promptly to emails/calls regarding property issues (such as need for approval, repairs, etc)
  • Willing to pay for licensed professionals to complete work
  • Expects surprise large repairs, or plans preventatively to avoid surprises
  • Respects our opinions on when a tenant needs to be served notice and why
  • Understands and abide by all fair housing laws, anyone can rent anywhere. No students allowed in a home is a way to get everyone in trouble.

A few more things you'll hear from us often

  • We have maintenance staff Annual Inspections at the owner's expenses, usually less than $150.
  • Trust our "Recipe", a pre designed "template" for units with paint colors, floors, toliets, fixtures and more
  • We find it best to provide tenant with all appliances such as a washer, dryer and fridge, and promptly repair or replace them when they are broken
  • Owners Don't have any involvement in security deposits itemizations. We only charge tenants what is ethically and legally possible against their deposit. We aim to leave every tenant interaction with a feeling of fairness.
  • Sometimes renters do more damage then you might expect and that owners might have to foot that cost.