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It's Move in Time!

Welcome to an IPM property! We are glad you choose to call one of our properties your home. Your lease begins soon and we will need to set up a time for you to pick up a key for your new home. Please e-mail us which roommate (if applicable) will be picking up a key and what time. Make sure to check our office hours before coming in!


Wondering what was done during the turnover process of your home?

    During the turnover process, IPM addresses the following issues at every location:

  • changes the locks
  • ensures smoke and C02 detectors are current and up to code
  • checks functionality of all windows and doors
  • ensures a current fire extinguisher is present
  • replaces light bulbs and air filters
  • ensures there are no leaks
  • snakes the dryer vent, if dryer on site
  • patches holes in the walls
  • take details photos of every aspect
  • touches up the paint
  • professionally cleans any carpet
  • ensures a full cleaning is completed up to our standards

Due to the variety of properties we manage, there are times where additional repairs and upgrades are completed as well. The above list is the minimum done at each home during the turnover process. We are unable to give further information on upgrades during the turnover process due to budgets updating and plans changing daily. Concerned something wasn't done properly during the turnover process at your home? We want to know! Please contact us

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If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.