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1. Who is Dan Anderson and IPM?

Read more about Dan Anderson and IPM.


2. Why is Robb selling Robb Fairchild Realtor (RFR) to Dan Anderson and IPM? Why isn’t Jill continuing with RFR?

After 43 years in real estate, Robb has decided that it is time for him to retire. He looks forward to spending more time in his yard and with his new dog, Indy. While Jill has enjoyed the past 6 years at RFR, her passion is with her law practice and she has decided to focus her energy in that direction.


3. Where will the rents go? How do I get my distribution?

    • Beginning April 1, tenants will pay rent to IPM. IPM will distribute April rent proceeds to you via direct deposit with your bank. If RFR has your bank account information, that will be transferred to IPM. Otherwise, please enter your preferred bank account information in your new Portal and IPM will make your deposit for you.


4. Where can I sign up for my portal?


5. What about PG&E, water, landscaping and other expenses?

    • For those properties that RFR pays the utilities for, RFR will transfer service to IPM as of April 1, 2020. RFR will send any bills received after March 20th to IPM to pay from your account.
    • For landscape services, IPM will continue paying monthly landscapers directly.


6. What about ongoing maintenance and repairs?

    • IPM will continue utilizing the vendors that RFR has hired for many years to work on your properties. Any ongoing maintenance issues will transfer between RFR and IPM. Aubrae, the administrative assistant for RFR, will be transferring over to IPM and will seamlessly facilitate ongoing maintenance items.


7. What about the tenants and leases?

    • The tenants will be notified of the transfer to IPM and will be told to pay rent, as of April 1st, to IPM.


8. Who should I contact at IPM with questions?