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How to Advertise Your Chico Rental Property Successfully

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Don’t underestimate the power and effect of a comprehensive marketing and advertising solution. When done properly, it can reduce the vacancy time of your rental property and attract quality tenants giving you a good return on ROI. It increases awareness in the current tenant pool and increases the chance of you landing a tenant. 

From our experience managing rental properties for our clients in Chico and the surrounding areas, we suggest to you several tips that you might find useful. 

Tip 1: Photography 

You need to attract a potential tenant somehow to the property. And this is probably through quality and high-resolution photographs. A quality photo gives the tenant an idea of what to expect on the property in terms of rooms, services, and amenities. How else would the tenant be interested and call to book a viewing? 

If you want to judge the effect of photos on our current generation, look at the success of social media apps. The age of reading and rhetoric is giving away to one of visual aids and tools. 

Here are some of the tips that you can use to guarantee quality photos. 

Staging and preparation 

First, ensure that your working spaces are free of any clutter and debris. Ensure that each space is in its best condition. Utensils in the kitchen should be kept away, cleaning supplies should be well arranged in the washrooms, and the beds should be well made. 

bedroom with bed and curtains

The goal here is imagination. When the potential renter sees the photos, they should be able to envision themselves living in that space. They would be able to connect with the space and potentially lease the space. 

If the property was just rented out, it might have some issues here and there. It might require the windows to be wiped down, tidying up of the cornices, and some cleaning to the appliances in the kitchen. You can request a professional cleaning company to come in and do a comprehensive job. 


The quality of lighting can make or break your marketing photos. With poor lighting, your photos can appear fuzzy or grainy. What you are looking for are crisp photos that stand out and show every element of a space. 

The ideal time that you should take your photos is during the late afternoon; around 4 to 5 p.m. At this time, the sun streams in through the windows and fills the rooms. It allows you to get the best photos for your rental property. 

Photo angles 

With the property clean and the ideal lighting, you need to consider the angle of your photos. What you are looking for is a wide shot that allows you to catch most of a room or a space. From our experience, the ideal place is a corner. 

brown kitchen

This allows you to capture two walls in the photograph. The height of the photo also matters. Remember, you want your potential tenant to relate with you. The ideal height is at chest height. This type of photo captures a natural look of the property. 

Make a photo list 

Before taking any photo, put yourself in the shoes of a potential tenant. What would attract them to your property? To capture every alluring element of your property, consider making a photo list. A photo list is an itemized description of the best shots for your marketing campaign. 

Tip #2: Compelling SEO Description of the Property

Once you have secured the ideal photos for the property, you need to consider the description of the property. This is what brings the complete story together. The photos will capture the attention of the tenant and the copy will secure the idea that they have about the property. 

There are two sections that you should consider: the headline formula and the body. 

The headline formula 

The headline will determine whether your potential tenant will continue reading the listing or not. A headline should contain all the important information on the property. It should contain the location, type of property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the price, and what makes it a good selling point. 

This should have all the information that a tenant needs to determine whether the property has the amenities/ services that they are looking for. 

person on computer

The body 

The body is the description of the property. You will use this section to fully describe the property that has been hinted at in the photos and the headline. Here, you will highlight the amenities offered by the property together with the unique features that are present. 

Use attractive adjectives and descriptive terms. This will give the tenant a complete idea of what is on the property. 

Don’t forget about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This is the optimization of a page or listing in terms of configuration, content, and relevance to ensure that the page/ listing is findable and popular. With proper SEO, your page/ listing can be one of the top pages to find. 

Tip #3: Distribution of Your Ad

What’s the importance of having a stunning ad when nobody knows about it? You need an effective distribution ad that will ensure that potential tenants in the area know of your vacancy. Thanks to technology and social media platforms, there are several platforms that you can use to ensure maximum distribution. 

There are many online platforms that you can use to distribute your ad. Traditional printed ads are still working well. A yard sign can attract a passing tenant looking to rent space in the area. Use printed fliers on community boards and also in public spaces such as the grocery store. 


A great rental property is not enough. Potential tenants need to know of the vacancy in your Chico rental property. Following the tips on photography, the description of the property, and distribution, you should have the information to create a quality ad. 

Do you need more information on property marketing/ advertising? Do you need more information on property management? Get in touch with the property experts at IPM Chico Property Management.


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